Hotel Taps

Why do taps, showers and plughole covers have to be so complicated in fancy hotels?  I need an instruction manual in order to work out how to use these devices which should be intuitive but because they aren’t I end up feeling and looking like a complete dunderhead.  What is wrong with simple turning tap and plugs that are lumps with chains on?  And I don’t like taps that have one spout and one turny thing for the hot AND the cold, these things blow my mind and don’t get me started on showers.  If I find myself in a hotel that doesn’t have a bath, that only has a dreaded shower then I simply don’t wash.  It is just too dangerous.



  1. laurajaneroche · November 16, 2014

    Don’t go to Japan. Jeni’s Mum got into serious bother trying to flush the bog. I hate it when you stay in a hotel and the shower head doesn’t come off the wall. How are you meant to rinse your fucking undercarriage??


  2. sarahklemon · November 16, 2014

    I never rinse my undercarriage. It smells of pickled herring


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