Imagine my excitement when a Krispy Kreme doughnut fridge appeared in the Tesco.  The plain glazed rings have got to be King of the doughnuts, even better than the Queen jammy doughnut.  I visited the fridge for the first time yesterday and was shocked to see that the containers had been ransacked and there were no three pack boxes left.  This threw me until I analysed the situation and realised I could shove three doughnuts into one bag so I started the long and important process of scanning each variety to decide which three doughnuts I needed the most but a very rude and greedy couple approached and barged in and started messing about with the doughnuts and my logical decision making process was completely and utterly fucked.  I have to admit that I was thrown and in my panic I selected two glazed rings and a chocolate ring and I don’t even like chocolate doughnuts.  I have decided  that next time I need doughnuts I will have to get them at 3am when all the people who don’t understand the concept of waiting their turn are in bed.


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